Adaptive designs CONSORT Extension: Delphi survey datasets

2018-04-16T08:42:26Z (GMT) by ACE Steering Committee

The ACE Project aims to develop a consensus-driven reporting guidance tailored for ADs in the form of a CONSORT extension. For transparency, this repository contains Stata anonymised datasets that were generated during the two-stage Delphi survey rounds and informed the guideline development process. This includes the registration data with demographics and characteristics of participants who registered to take part and the survey ratings across the two rounds.

All participants consented to take part in this Delphi study. Ethics approval was granted by the REC of ScHARR at the University of Sheffield (ref: 012041).

The ACE Project is jointly funded by the NIHR and MRC HTMR, and is led by a multidisciplinary Steering Working Group of international experts in collaboration with the CONSORT Executive Group and the MRC HTMR Adaptive Designs Working Group.