Adaptive designs CONSORT Extension: Reports and summary of the open-ended feedback from Delphi survey rounds

2018-05-04T13:44:54Z (GMT) by ACE Steering Committee
<div><p>The ACE Project aims to develop a consensus-driven reporting guidance tailored for ADs in the form of a CONSORT extension. For transparency, this repository contains:</p><p>1) report of the first face-to-face Steering Committee held in Sheffield</p><p>2) the summaries of the open-ended feedback gathered during the two-stage Delphi survey rounds that informed the guideline development process.<br></p><p><br></p><p>All participants consented to take part in this Delphi study. Ethics approval was granted by the REC of ScHARR at the University of Sheffield (ref: 012041).</p><p><br></p><p>The ACE Project is jointly funded by the NIHR and MRC HTMR, and is led by a multidisciplinary Steering Working Group of international experts in collaboration with the CONSORT Executive Group and the MRC HTMR Adaptive Designs Working Group.</p></div>