Data for 'Non-invasive measurement of lubricating oil viscosity using an ultrasonic continuously repeated chirp shear wave'

Signals for reference and measurement data for Cannon Standard oils.
Files are uploaded in CSV format.

Each contains 3-4 columns of amplitude data taken using the CRC method in the time domain, this is raw data.
To plot amplitude against time use dt=32ns. (or time=[32:32:10000000]*1E-9;)

Viscosity values for measurmeent oils (error +/- 10% - as stated in Cannon Instrument Company Data sheet)
S3 3.57 mPa.s
S20 28.03 mPa.s
S60 103.23 mPa.s
S200 348.67 mPa.s
S600 1058.3 mPa.s