Data for RSOS paper: Thin Al1−xGaxAs0.56Sb0.44 diodes with extremely weak temperature dependence of avalanche breakdown

Figures and raw data for the Royal Society Open Science paper. Data already available on Dryad with a DOI.

Abstract: When using avalanche photodiodes (APDs) in applications, temperature dependence of avalanche breakdown voltage is one of the performance parameters to be considered. Hence, novel materials developed for APDs require dedicated experimental studies. We have carried out such a study on thin Al1–xGaxAs0.56Sb0.44 p–i–n diode wafers (Ga composition from 0 to 0.15), plus measurements of avalanche gain and dark current. Based on data obtained from 77 to 297 K, the alloys Al1−xGaxAs0.56Sb0.44 exhibited weak temperature dependence of avalanche gain and breakdown voltage, with temperature coefficient approximately 0.86–1.08 mV K−1, among the lowest values reported for a number of semiconductor materials. Considering no significant tunnelling current was observed at room temperature at typical operating conditions, the alloys Al1−xGaxAs0.56Sb0.44 (Ga from 0 to 0.15) are suitable for InP substrates-based APDs that require excellent temperature stability without high tunnelling current.