Data for paper: InGaAs/AlGaAsSb avalanche photodiode with high gain-bandwidth product

<p>The files correspond to experimental results in paper (accepted by Optics Express): “InGaAs/AlGaAsSb avalanche photodiode with high gain-bandwidth product” <a href="">DOI: 10.1364/OE.24.024242</a>.</p><p><br></p> <p>There are two groups of files:</p><p></p> <p>-.PNG/BMP, which corresponds to the figures</p> <p>-.CSV, which are raw data in figures </p> <p>The work in this paper mainly focus on the development of gain-bandwidth product APDsby using novel avalanche material. We demonstrate an InGaAs/AlGaAsSb APD, grown on an InP substrate, with a GBP of 424 GHz, the highest value reported for InP-compatible APDs, which is applicable to future optical communication systems at or above 10 Gb/s. </p> <p>The data consists of results from InGaAs/AlGaAsSb avalanche photodiodes: dark current, photocurrent, frequency response and gain-bandwidth product. More details about these data/figures can be found in README file.</p>