EACS 2016 paper - MIMO control design including input-output frequency weighting for human-induced vibrations

EACS 2016 Paper No. 106

Civil structures such as floors with open-plan layouts or lightweight footbridges can be susceptible to excessive levels of vibrations caused by human activities. Active vibration control via inertial-mass actuators is a viable technique to mitigate vibrations, allowing structures to satisfy vibration serviceability limits. Recently, a multi-input multi-output active vibration control technique has been proposed by the authors. This technique finds simultaneously the sensor/actuator pairs’ optimal placements and the control gains, where direct velocity feedback is considered. Issues such as actuator dynamics, high-pass filters and low-pass filters were considered for the practicality of the technique. This paper introduces new elements such as input-output frequency weighting in order to take into account the frequency nature of human loading and human perception, respectively. Simulation results on a rectangular floor model and time domain tests have been carried out to confirm the improvements.