The "Muscle Standardised Femur" model

2017-01-30T16:38:43Z (GMT) by Marco Viceconti
This is a version of the Standardised Femur with muscle insertions modelled as separate regions (surface patches). This makes much easier to create finite element models in which the muscles insertion areas are accurately modelled. The fileset contains three files:
- in IGES format
- in Parasolid format
- in native Unigraphics format.
The fileset was originally made available as Open Access to the research community in 2003 as part of the now defunct BEL Repository, which was then absorbed into the also now defunct PhysiomeSpace repository. 
The Muscle Standardised Femur was first announced with a Letter to the Editor of J Biomechanics [ref1]. The procedure used to create the model was provided in detail in this paper [ref2]. The first study that used this model was [ref3].