The homeService corpus v1.0

The <em>homeService</em> corpus is a new English database of realistic audio recorded from speakers with severe dysarthria which  has been gathered as part of the <a href="">Natural Speech Technology (NST)</a> showcase, named homeService. <p>The majority of the corpus is recorded in real home environments where voice control is often the normal means by which users interact with their devices.</p><p>The <i>homeService corpus v1.0</i> is the first release of the audio recorded within the homeService project and it consists of audio recordings of dysarthric speech from 5 different subjects (three male, two female).<br> Each subject's set is composed by two subsets: enrolment data (ER) and interaction data (ID). A 16kHz mono audio resulting from the beam-formed combination of the 6 channels recorded with a microphone array is provided along with manual and automatic transcriptions.</p><p>An agreement with University of Sheffield has to be signed to use the data.</p><p><strong>Audio cannot be redistributed under any circumstance</strong>.</p><p>To <strong>download</strong> the homeService corpus please send a request to <em></em></p>