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Air pollution concentrations in Sheffield, UK - green barrier in school playground study

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A green barrier was installed in a case study school in Sheffield, UK. This dataset shows the air pollution concentration pre and post such GI intervention at the case study school (Sch-GB site) and at two other sites serving as control for data comparison and contrast. The control sites are located within a 2 km radius from Sch-GB, and comprise a site in the city centre (City site) – providing an urban background – and another school playground without a green barrier (Sch-NoGB site).  

The dataset show pollution concentrations as monitored by the air quality equipment, and corrected concentrations after data de-seasonalisation.


Grantham Centre for PhD studentships for MCRB and RC.

Funding from the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship Programme (MR/T019867/1) was received by MVM.



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