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Altmetric - all UK Media Mentions of University of Sheffield research pre 2020 for ORDA.xlsx (2.68 MB)
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All UK media mentions of University of Sheffield research pre 2020. Altmetric dataset.

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posted on 2023-03-06, 10:46 authored by Andrew TattersallAndrew Tattersall, Christopher CarrollChristopher Carroll

This is a Excel dataset of international, national, regional and local media coverage of research that is affiliated with the University of Sheffield. The data was obtained on the 14th August 2020 through

The spreadsheet contains:

UK Media Mentions with URL

UK National Media with URL

UK Regional news sites with URL 

All UK National Media 

Please note that the Altmetric score for each output is dated for the 14th August 2020. Many of these scores will ahve now changed. 

Please note that Column Q is the details page URL. 

Data was obtained to write the following paper (in draft)


The Missing Link - Quality of UK local and national online media coverage of research.



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Sharing and access restrictions

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Methodology, headings and units

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