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Ambient CO₂ time-series data for a typical academic office

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posted on 2019-10-11, 05:57 authored by David Jones
Time series data for ambient atmospheric CO₂ levels in a typical academic office.

The CSV file is in UNIX format, with lines terminated with ASCII LF (0xA) character.

There are two columns per record:


the DATE is given in ISO 8601 format. Generally there are 6 decimal figures in the "seconds" place, giving precision down the microsend level, though the actual timing accuracy is only like to be around a few milliseconds.

The CO2 level is given in PPM.

The sensor is a calibrated NDIR sensor bought Commercially Off The Shelf from More details here:

The data is collected using custom Python scripts on a spare laptop.


No funding was sought for this project



  • There is no human data or any that requires ethical approval