Antarctic Peninsula glacier front positions and ice-flow velocities

AntP_speed_geotiffs - geotiffs of ice flow velocity of 5 marine terminating outlet glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula (Crane, Jorum, Hektoria, Drygalski and Cayley) between October 2016 and April 2018, derived from feature and speckle tracking of Sentinel 1a and 1b images.

Front_positions - ice front positions for the same 5 marine terminating glaciers, mapped using the tool GEEDiT in Google Earth Engine. This analysis used cloud free Landsat 8 and Sentinel 1 and 2 imagery.

Based on the paper by

Tuckett, P.A., Ely, J.C., Sole, A.J., Livingstone, S.J., Davison, B.J., van Wessem, J.M., Howard, J. 2019. Rapid accelerations of Antarctic Peninsula outlet glaciers driven by surface melt. Nature Communications. In Prep.