Archived data for ‘Conceptualising the alcohol-tobacco policy system: A qualitative problem structuring methodology study to inform health economics modelling’

These data resulted from a study that aimed to produce a conceptual description of the system through which policies affect tobacco and alcohol consumption. The study addressed the research question, ‘How could we model the effects of policies that target tobacco and/or alcohol consumption in a common framework?’

Participants were identified from UK research networks, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations, selected for expertise in UK research and policy related to alcohol and/or tobacco. Neither tobacco nor alcohol industry representatives were invited to avoid conflicts of interest. Of 37 individuals invited, 24 agreed to participate and completed the survey; 21 attended the workshop.

Ethical approval was obtained from the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield (Reference 004443). Participants received an information sheet and signed a form consenting to our use of their anonymised data.