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posted on 2020-05-13, 08:17 authored by Genevieve Gorrell, Diana MaynardDiana Maynard, Mehmet BakirMehmet Bakir, Juan KanaiJuan Kanai, Luke TempleLuke Temple, Jacqueline Harrison, Kalina BontchevaKalina Bontcheva
This archive contains shared materials pertaining to the forthcoming paper "Local media and geo-situated responses to Brexit: A quantitative analysis of Twitter, news and survey data" by Genevieve Gorrell, Mehmet E. Bakir, Luke Temple, Diana Maynard, Jackie Harrison, J. Miguel Kanai and Kalina Bontcheva.

It contains a folder with a separate document for each of the topic-model-derived topics explored in the paper. The first two columns are topic scores for material from each separate Twitter account in the corpus, along with their Brexit vote intention. After a blank column comes the national newspaper article topic scores. After a further blank column come the local newspaper article scores, along with the NUTS1 region in which they are published.

Additionally there is a spreadsheet with entity-based topic scores for each newspaper.

Ethics approval was obtained for the Twitter data collection from the University of Sheffield (application number 011934).


Social Understandings of Scale: The Role of Print and Social Media in the EU Referendum Debate (British Academy)



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