BA Brexit Geomedia Shared Data

This archive contains shared materials pertaining to the forthcoming paper "Local media and geo-situated responses to Brexit: A quantitative analysis of Twitter, news and survey data" by Genevieve Gorrell, Mehmet E. Bakir, Luke Temple, Diana Maynard, Jackie Harrison, J. Miguel Kanai and Kalina Bontcheva.

It contains a folder with a separate document for each of the topic-model-derived topics explored in the paper. The first two columns are topic scores for material from each separate Twitter account in the corpus, along with their Brexit vote intention. After a blank column comes the national newspaper article topic scores. After a further blank column come the local newspaper article scores, along with the NUTS1 region in which they are published.

Additionally there is a spreadsheet with entity-based topic scores for each newspaper.

Ethics approval was obtained for the Twitter data collection from the University of Sheffield (application number 011934).