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Burst Random Amplitude Ramp : 0.4V Repetition 1

posted on 2022-11-01, 22:56 authored by Matthew Bonney, David WaggDavid Wagg, Tim RogersTim Rogers

First repetition for burst random (white noise) excitation at 0.4V LMS output voltage. This test is performed on the starboard wing of the BAE T1A Hawk housed at the Labratory for Verification and Validation ( The wing is excited using a single shaker and data is recorded using 55 uni-accelerometers and the excitation load cell.

The significance of the naming conventions is explained in the "ORDA_Readme.pdf" file. This file also contains the code needed to load the files into python for analysis. The testing parameters is stored is the "BR_AR_1_test_info.pickle" file. The data is separated into one pickle file per accelerometer. These files contain both time and frequency information with more details in the readme file.

This test was performed under the Alan Turing Institute funded project Digital Twins for High-Value Engineering Systems (DTHIVE) with continuing support from the EPSRC funded project Digital Twins for Improved Dynamic Design (DigiTwin). For more information, please contact the PI, Professor David Wagg.


Digital twins for improved dynamic design

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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