CoVid Plots and Analysis

2020-08-03T07:08:36Z (GMT) by Colin Angus

# COVID-19

Plots and analysis relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Includes five sets of plots and associated R code to generate them.

1) Heatmaps

Updated every few days - heatmaps of COVID-19 case and death trajectories for Local Authorities (or equivalent) in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Germany.

2) All cause mortality

Updated on Tuesday (for England & Wales), Wednesday (for Scotland) and Friday (for Northern Ireland) - analysis and plots of weekly all-cause deaths in 2020 compared to previous years by country, age, sex and region. Also a set of international comparisons using data from

3) Exposures

No longer updated - mapping of potential COVID-19 mortality exposure at local levels (LSOAs) in England based on the age-sex structure of the population and levels of poor health.

There is also a Shiny app which creates slightly lower resolution versions of the same plots online, which you can find here:, on GitHub and uploaded to this record

4) Index of Multiple Deprivation

No longer updated - preliminary analysis of the inequality impacts of COVID-19 based on Local Authority level cases and levels of deprivation.

5) Socioeconomic inequalities.

No longer updated (unless ONS release more data) - Analysis of published ONS figures of COVID-19 and other cause mortality in 2020 compared to previous years by deprivation decile.

Latest versions of plots and associated analysis can be found on Twitter:

This work is described in more detail on the UK Data Service Impact and Innovation Lab blog:

Adapted from data from the Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.1.0.