Data and figures related to publication: Investigation of a novel AlZnN semiconductor alloy

The data provided here is related to the publication:
"Investigation of a novel AlZnN semiconductor alloy"
Materials Letters: X (2020);

The study reported in this paper was funded by the EPSRC (Fund code EP/M507611/1) and Johson Matthey PLC. The financial support by these parties is highly appreciated.

The data required to reproduce each figure panel is provided in different text files. Columns are separated by a space character. The first line in each column describes the dataset. The complete figures are also included as .tif files.

With the added context of the paper, it should be easy to reproduce the figures.

Figure 1: (a) Zn and Al peaks in EDS spectra, (b) AlN fraction plotted against the Zn3N2 fraction, and (c) GIXRD measurements of samples ZN and AZN-1 to AZN-4. The dashed line in (b) indicates the stoichiometric ratio of Al2xZn3(1-x)N2.

Figure 2:
(a) Extinction coefficient and (b) refractive index of AlZnN films obtained from ellipsometry measurements. (c) Cody plot analysis used to measure the optical bandgap of AlZnN films.

Figure 3: (a) Optical bandgap, (b) refractive index, (c) resistivity, and (d) carrier concentration of different AlZnN films. The star (☆) in (a) shows the intrinsic bandgap of Zn3N2 as reported by Kumagai et al.3 The dashed lines are intended as guides to the eye.