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Data and research materials 'From pianist to organist: identifying and correcting a maladaptive technique due to transfer of learning'

posted on 2022-12-05, 09:44 authored by Nicola DibbenNicola Dibben, Mandy Kan, Arnold Y. L. Wong
These materials are the basis of an empirical paper investigating whether organists use unnecessary muscle tension to produce dynamics on the organ, akin to the necessary muscle tension used to play dynamics on piano. Muscle tension is compared when playing organ and piano and a pre- and post-test design reveals that a cognitive intervention reduces unnecessary tension used by organists when the music is intended to be louder.
The two files contain methods materials and a data file of results as follows:
A text file containing the text of the cognitive intervention and the list of randomised experimental trial sequence.
A data file containing pre- and post-test measure data before and after a cognitive intervention designed to reduce muscle tension used when playing the organ.



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