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Data for MicroCT-based MicroFE of human vertebrae

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posted on 2020-03-11, 12:12 authored by Enrico Dall'AraEnrico Dall'Ara
This file contains the results collected in the study: "Effect of size and location of simulated lytic lesions on the structural properties of human vertebral bodies, a micro-finite element study" by "M.C. Costa, L.B. Bresani Campello, M. Ryan, J. Rochester, M. Viceconti, E. Dall’Ara" published in Bone Reports:

In order to access the original raw files the reader can contact the the corresponding author (Dr Enrico Dall'Ara, e.dallara@sheffield.ac.uk). The files are stored in the University of Sheffield file-store at the link:


This study was partially funded by the Sheffield Hospital Charity (grant nr 141515-1) and by the EPSRC Frontier Engineering Awards, MultiSim and MultiSim2 projects (Grant Reference Numbers: EP/K03877X/1 and EP/S032940/1).



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