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Data for: Tropical forests are thermally buffered despite intensive selective logging

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posted on 2017-10-13, 13:36 authored by Rebecca Senior, Jane K. Hill, Suzan Benedick, David P. Edwards
Microclimate temperature for surface microclimates measured using a thermal camera, paired with macroclimate temperature and VPD measured using a whirling hygrometer.

Microclimate temperature for microclimates inside microhabitats (deadwood, tree holes and leaf litter), paired with macroclimate temperature and VPD, all measured using dataloggers.

Additional plot-level information: plot location and elevation; forest structure metrics (e.g. tree stand basal area); and microhabitat volume (per m^2 forest).

All variables in the main dataset are described in detail in the associated metadata file.


NERC NE/L002450/1



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