Data for paper: Proton radiation effect on InAs avalanche photodiodes

posted on 18.01.2017 by Xinxin Zhou, Benjamin White, Xiao Meng, Shiyong Zhang, MARINA GUTIERREZ, MARK ROBBINS, LUIS GOMEZ ROJAS, NICK NELMS, Chee Tan, Jo Ng

The files correspond to experimental results in paper: “Proton radiation effect on InAs avalanche photodiodes” DOI: 10.1364/OE.25.002818.

There are two types of files:

-.PNG, which corresponds to the figures

-.CSV, which are raw data in figures

The work in this paper mainly focus on the experimental study of proton radiation effects on performance parameters of InAs APDs, whose sensitivity extends from visible light to ~ 3.5 mm. This is the first report demonstrating a comprehensive study of radiation damage effect on InAs APDs.

The data consists of pre- and post-radiation results from InAs avalanche photodiodes: dark current, responsivity and avalanche gain. Three irradiation energies (10.0, 31.4, and 58.8 MeV) and four fluences (109 to 1011 p/cm2) were tested. At the harshest irradiation condition (10.0 MeV energy and 1011 p/cm2 fluence) the APDs’ avalanche gain and leakage current showed a measurable degradation. However, the responsivity of the APDs was unaffected under all conditions tested.

More details about these data/figures can be found in README file.


UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (EP/H031464/1); European Space Agency (ESA) (4000107110/12/NL/CBi);




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