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Data for paper 'Sensitivity of a juvenile subject -specific musculoskeletal model of the ankle joint to the variability of operator dependent input'

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posted on 2017-03-21, 12:48 authored by Iain HannahIain Hannah, Erica Montefiori, Luca ModeneseLuca Modenese, Marco Viceconti, Claudia Mazza
These files represent the data used for the study reported in the paper:
Hannah, I. et al. (2017) Sensitivity of a juvenile subject-specific musculoskeletal model of the ankle joint to the variability of operator dependent input. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. ISSN 0954-4119.

The Statistics folder contains the raw data for the inter- and intra-operator analysis, for each subject, for the three considered procedures: muscles attachments adjustment; virtual palpation, reference systesms definition.
Three folders represent the subjects' data used for the simulations: Subject A, Subject B, Subject C. Inside each subject's folder there is a folder with the input data (static motion data), and the musculoskeletal simulations for each operator (i.e. Mod A.1 contains the simulations for subject A done by operator 1 ). Inside these folders there are the results for each simulated walking trial and the final OpenSim model of the subject, done by the respective operator.





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