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Data for the assessment of the effect of repositioning in in vivo loading studies with Digital Volume Correlation

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posted on 10.09.2018 by Enrico Dall'Ara, Mario Giorgi
Link to the data used in:

Giorgi, M., Dall'Ara, E. (2018)

Variability in strain distribution in the mice tibia loading model: preliminary study using digital volume correlation. Medical Engineering and Physics 2018

The images and data are too large to be uploaded in ORDA, so please contact e.dallara@sheffield.ac.uk or the Project Management Office at: pmo@insigneo.org if you are interested in working on the files.

Only an example of a dataset has been uploaded.
In the B-03-a folder the preloaded image (Scan1_crop.dcm) has been registered with three different files "Scan2_cop.dcm" that represent:
01_Scan2_preload_REGwith_Scan1_load: registration between the second preloaded image and the first loaded image
01_Scan2_preload_REGwith_Scan2: registration between the second preloaded image and the repeated image in the loaded configuration
01_Scan2_preload_REGwith_Repositioning: registration between the second preloaded image and the image of the loaded specimen taken after repositioning

In the folder C-03-a-02-Nodes the results from the deformable registration are reported for each registration for Node Spacing of 50. Registrations have been done with ShIRT followed by the voxel detection algorithms as described in the paper.

"output_map.txt" reports the coordinates of the nodes of the grid and the computed displacements
"results.txt" reports the principal strains in each node

The whole dataset is stored in the University of Sheffield file-store at the link:


This study was partially funded by the FP7 European program MAMBO (PIEF-GA-2012-327357), by the EPSRC (MultiSim project code EP/K03877X/1) and by the UK National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs, grant number NC/K000780/1).




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