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Data from "A method for low-cost, low-impact insect tracking using retroreflective tags"

posted on 23.05.2021, 23:30 authored by Michael SmithMichael Smith
Data for the bumblebee tracking project, see paper for method details: "A method for low-cost, low-impact insect tracking using retroreflective tags".

- observations.sqlite3 = metadata from experiments. explained in readme.txt
- labelled.zip = labelled/tagged bee images.

- 20200802.zip, 20200803.zip, 20200805.zip - raw data from garden showing tagged bees.
- 20200803_small_imgs.zip - small images generated from the 20200803 dataset, to visualise easily the bee moving about.
- flightpathdata.zip - two sets of photos taken over the same time period, from two angles. A bee takes off & is visible in both, allowing the 3d path to be computed.

See readme.txt for details.


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