Data used in the study "A new method to monitor bone geometry changes at different spatial scales in the longitudinal in vivo μCT studies of mice bones"

Link to the data used in:

Yang Z, Dall’Ara E, Viceconti M, Kadirkamanathan V (2019)

An approach to split bone growth and remodelling from longitudinal in vivo microCT imaging of the mouse tibia; Plos One 2019.

The folder includes examples of microCT images cropped for the analyses that are used as input of the computational frameworks. In the folder there are dicom files of:

1x Wild Type Mouse scanned at week 16 of age (WildM5W2N1228cropped)

1x Wild Type Mouse scanned at week 14 of age (WildM5W20N1228cropped)

The "Code" used to process the images can be found in:

The whole dataset is stored in the University of Sheffield file-store at the link:

For further information please contact Dr Enrico Dall'Ara:

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