Data used in the study "ChronoMID - cross-modal neural networks for 3-D temporal medical imaging data"

2020-02-04T12:21:00Z (GMT) by Enrico Dall'Ara Pietro Lio’
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Alexander G. Rakowski, Petar Velickovic, Enrico Dall’Ara, Pietro Liò

-) Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambs, United Kingdom
-) Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

ChronoMID - cross-modal neural networks for 3-D temporal medical imaging data; Plos One 2020.

Provided here are a selection of images from the study. The images have been resized to have consistent dimensions, but otherwise have not undergone any of the preprocessing steps listed in the ChronoMID paper.

Input images for both the control (WildType) and treated (Anabolic) groups have been uploaded at three different time points: at the start of the experiment (W0), at the beginning of the treatment (W5), and at the end of the experiment (W8).
Within each mouse-week, the stack of cross-sections ranges from the proximal epiphysis
(e.g. 0100.dcm) and extend toward the distal epiphysis (e.g. 1300.dcm).

The whole dataset is stored in the University of Sheffield file-store at the link:

The code used in this study can be found in the following link:

For further information please contact Dr Enrico Dall'Ara: