Dataset for Conditioned haptic perception for 3D localization of nodules in soft tissue palpation with a variable stiffness probe

These data are complementing the following publication:
[1] N. Herzig, L. He, P. Maiolino, S-A Abad, and T. Nanayakkara, Conditioned Haptic Perception for 3D localization of Nodules in Soft Tissue Palpation with a Variable Stiffness Probe. PLoS One. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0237379

These data support our research on a Variable Stiffness Palpation Probe and its control strategy to palpate and detect the location of stiff inclusions in soft tissues.

The folder contains a ReadMe file and a binary Matlab file. For more details about the content of the binary file and the data structure, please read the ReadMe file.