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EEG Data for "Electrophysiological signatures of brain aging in autism spectrum disorder"

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posted on 2021-12-05, 20:56 authored by Elizabeth MilneElizabeth Milne
This data is linked to the publication "Electrophysiological signatures of brain aging in autism spectrum disorder" by Dickinson, Jeste and Milne, in which it is referenced as Dataset 1.

EEG data were acquired via Biosemi Active two EEG system. The original recordings have been converted to .set and .fdt files via EEGLAB as uploaded here. There is a .fdt and a .set file for each recording, the .fdt file contains the data, the .set file contains information about the parameters of the recording (see https://eeglab.org/tutorials/ for further information). The files can be opened within EEGLAB software.

The data were acquired from 28 individuals with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition and 28 neurotypical controls aged between 18 and 68 years. The paradigm that generated the data was a 2.5 minute (150 seconds) period of eyes closed resting.

Ethical approval for data collection and data sharing was given by the Health Research Authority [IRAS ID = 212171].

Only data from participants who provided signed consent for data sharing were included in this work and uploaded here.



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