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Femoral neck strain prediction during level walking using a combined musculoskeletal and finite element model approach

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posted on 2021-02-01, 21:39 authored by Zainab Al Tai, Erica Montefiori, Bart van Veen, Margaret PaggiosiMargaret Paggiosi, Eugene McCloskeyEugene McCloskey, Marco VicecontiMarco Viceconti, Claudia Mazza, Xinshan LiXinshan Li
The full of set of data contains; peak first and third principal strains at the femoral neck as predicted by the FE model, hip and knee joint contact forces personolised by the body weight, and Gluteus Medius muscle forces as calculated by the musculoskeletal model. Those are reported for the five cases and along the 100% of one gait cycle.

The study was approved by the Health Research Authority of East of England (Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Research Ethics Committee, reference 16/EE/0049).


EPSRC Frontier Engineering Awards

The European Commission H2020 programme (CompBioMed2 Centre of Excellence)

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme



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