Helical Inerter Test Data from 2016

2020-02-13T08:29:50Z (GMT) by David Wagg

Data from the testing of a novel type of fluid inerter system where the inertance can be varied. This inertance is achieved by having a fluid filled cylinder that induces flow in a helical pipe system. The parameters of the helical pipe system can be adjusted to give different amounts of inertial force depending on the requirements. See Reference below for full details.

Parameters for the tests are given in the file name: Xmm_Yhz_Z.txt

Where X is amplitude in mm

Y is sine wave frequency in Hz

Z is the test case:

For test case 2, the radius of the helix was 120mm and for test case 3 the radius of the helix was 80mm. See reference below for full details of the parameters.

Further details of the tests cab be found in the following paper:


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