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Interviews with working carers of people living with dementia in Scotland

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posted on 2021-10-24, 17:39 authored by Alice Spann, Luc de Witte, Mark Hawley, Marieke Spreeuwenberg
Semi-structured interviews were conducted between March and July 2019 in Scotland: Carers were eligible if they i) worked at least 20hrs/week; ii) cared at least 5hrs/week; iii) had combined work and care for at least 6 months; and iv) cared for a person with dementia living in a community setting.

The topic guide included issues such as general challenges when combining work and care; any support used or needed; the impact of autonomy at work (regarding breaks, schedule and place) on these challenges; and their experiences, wants and needs regarding technologies (electronic and/or digital) which could offer support.

Full ethical approval was granted by the ScHARR Research Ethics Committee at the University of Sheffield (Reference 022994).

An Excel sheet with an overview of participants' characteristics for context can be requested from the author.


Economic and Social Research Council (award ES/P009255/1, Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems, 2017-21, Principal Investigator Sue Yeandle, University of Sheffield)



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