Mapping of meltwater features and De Geer moraines in central Nunavut, Canada from the high-resolution (2 m) ArcticDEM

The dataset contains shapefiles of eskers, moraines, meltwater channels and meltwater corridors. Manual digitisation of eskers and other meltwater landforms (e.g. meltwater channels and subglacial meltwater corridors) was undertaken in ArcGIS 10.4 using hillshaded Digital Surface Models (DSMs) following standard practises. We used the 2 m ArcticDEM v7 mosaic to identify and map meltwater features. The outlines of esker beads were mapped as polygons at their break of slope, and esker ridge crestlines, moraine ridge crestlines, meltwater channel sides and subglacial meltwater corridor centrelines were mapped as polylines.