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Modelling the effects of rotational changes on weed population dynamics

posted on 2017-10-09, 14:10 authored by Robert FreckletonRobert Freckleton, Helen Hicks, Dylan ChildsDylan Childs, Paul Neve, Richard Hull, David Comont, Laura Crook
Included are a script (resultsforpaper3.R) and three datasets required to repeat the analyses reported in:

R. Freckleton et al. (2017) Measuring the effectiveness of management interventions at regional scales by integrating ecological monitoring and modelling. Pest Management Science. ISSN 1526-498X (In Press)

The datasets are:

"VariableSowingExample.csv" - data from a farm which included a field in which spatially variable crop sowing densities were used as a weed management option.

"WW_SBsubset.csv" - data from fields rotated from Winter Wheat to Spring Barley

"WW_WWsubset.csv" - data from fields which were maintained in Winter Wheat

Full details of the data collection methods are given in the paper.


BBSRC BB/L001489/1 and AHDB



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