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Near-field Multislice Ptychography

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posted on 2023-04-27, 08:35 authored by Ziyang HuZiyang Hu, Andrew MaidenAndrew Maiden, Yiqian Zhang, Peng LiPeng Li, Darren Batey

This folder includes all near-field multi-slice ptychography data for both optical bench experiment and x-ray experiment appeared in this paper.

An example ThreePIE* MATLAB code of the multislice ptychography for use with data collected in a near-field cone beam experiment is attached. 

Citation for any data use and this algorithm:

Ziyang Hu et al,  "Near-field multi-slice ptychography: quantitative phase imaging of optically thick samples with visible light and X-rays," Opt. Ex. 33(10), 15791-15809, (2023).

* academic license agreement attached for non-commercial use only.



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