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Review of Publicly Funded Non-Inferiority Trials (2022.01.14) - Data File

posted on 2023-07-05, 09:29 authored by Nikki TottonNikki Totton, Steven JuliousSteven Julious, Stephen WaltersStephen Walters, Elizabeth Coates

Data related to a review of publicly funded non-inferiority trials, particularly focussed on the design elements of the trials.

Data was downloaded from the NIHR's Funding and Awards Library, NIHR's Journals Library and the ISRCTN web registry using search terms “non inferior”, “non-inferior”, “non inferiority” and “non-inferiority”. 

The data contains 114 unique non-inferiority trials with information about the study design extracted such as the outcomes used, the non-inferiorty margin (including how it was justified), the assumed difference, alpha and power used in the sample size calculation. 


Economic and Social Research Council White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership. Reference: 205866591



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