Diversity_Inclusion_Health_Research_Mapping_Protocol_UofSheffield_July2016.pdf (273.17 kB)

Review of diversity and inclusion literature and an evaluation of methodologies and metrics relating to health research: systematic mapping protocol

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posted on 15.07.2016 by Louise Preston, Duncan Chambers, James Wilsdon, Andrew Booth

This systematic mapping protocol forms part of a project being undertaken by a multidisciplinary team from the University of Sheffield, which aims to inform and support the focus on diversity and inclusion in Wellcome Trust’s new strategic plan.

The review aims to “undertake a systematic and critical review of the evidence base for a positive relationship between a diverse and inclusive health research community and the qualities and impacts of the research they undertake”.

This protocol sets out our plan for the review in terms of the literature search and how the retrieved literature will be screened for inclusion in the main review, extracted and then assessed.


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