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Tensile test results of Nylon12 and its composites (3% and 5% of nanoclay)

posted on 31.10.2016, 10:16 authored by Alaa Almansoori, Cornelia RodenburgCornelia Rodenburg, Candice MajewskiCandice Majewski
Tensile test raw data.
Tensile test was done to examine the effect of nanoclay (with different processing: NEC or EC) on the mechanical properties of Nylon 12.
The attached data are for Neat Nylon12, 3%NEC+Nylon12, 3�+Nylon12, 5%NEC+Nylon12, and 5�+Nylon12. It includes: (Force, displacement) and (stress-strain) raw data. The conditions for my data are always normal (room temperature).


EPSRC (EP/N008065/1) and MOHESR of IRAQ



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