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Use of ultrasonic standing wave method to measure the viscosity of oil through a metallic component. Continuous repeated chirp raw data for measurements of cannon standard oils

posted on 2019-06-02, 22:31 authored by Olivia Manfredi, Robert Dwyer-JoyceRobert Dwyer-Joyce, Robin MillsRobin Mills, Michele Schirru

Files are uploaded in CSV format

Each contains 3-4 columns of amplitude data taken using the CRC method in the time domain, this is raw data.

To plot amplitude against time use dt=32ns.

(or time=[32:32:10000000]*1E-9;)

_R or _r files refer to reference files : i.e. Data captured from a solid- matching layer- air interface.

_M or _m file refer to measurement files: i.e. Data captured from a solid-matching layer - liquid (oil stated in title) interface.


EPSRC: EP/L01629X/1, EPSRC: EP/N016483/1



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