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Cell population growth models

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posted on 2016-02-10, 13:09 authored by Daniele Tartarini, Elisa MeleElisa Mele
Schematic representation of cell population in discrete models, where cells are represented in pink with nucleus in red. (A) On-lattice approach: squared 2D lattice where each lattice element contains one single cell. At the top right void locations are free to be occupied by daughter cells. (B) Cellular Potts model: squared lattice where each cell occupies several lattice elements. Cells are represented with different colors. (C) Compartmental model 2D: similar to squared lattice but having several cells per lattice element. (D) Off-lattice agent based approach in 3D: cells are represented by spheres and are not constrained in a lattice. (E) Off-lattice Vertex based 2D: cell surface delimited by polyhedral vertices of a Voronoi tessellation.
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“Accelerating in silico cancer research with graphic processors” of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, EPSRC grant code R/141365-11-1



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