Children, Technology and Play - Research Tools, Information Sheets and Consent Forms

These Research Tools, Information Sheets and Consent Forms were used for Children, Technology and Play (2019-2020), an 8-month co-produced study by academics from the University of Sheffield and University of Cape Town, South Africa, the LEGO Foundation and Dubit.

The study explored the contemporary play environments of children to identify the ways in which their play is shaped by technology, examine the relationship between digital play, learning and creativity, and explore the role of adults in mediating digital play.

A range of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods was employed, as follows:

- an online survey

- family case studies

- focus group interviews with children

- telephone interviews with parents.

This deposit comprises the UK research tools, and the information sheets and consent forms, used for each of the above. Information about file-naming protocols for the UK data is also included.

The project received ethical approval from the University of Sheffield (no. 028701).

The datasets from the study are deposited elsewhere in ORDA and have been brought together in the Children, Technology and Play collection.