EACS 2016 paper - Application and Testing of Hybrid Mass Dampers for Vibration Control of Canton Tower

EACS 2016 Paper No. 171

In this work, the use of a newly proposed HMD is investigated to protect CantonTower against undesirable vibration levels and improve its serviceability under wind loading, which is composed of a TMD with two-stage damping level, and a small AMD driven by linear induction motors and mounted on the TMD. For convenient analysis, the tower is simplified as 51 connected rigid panel series model. A reduced-order model of the simplified system is developed using an improved eigenmode reduction method. An H2/LQG control algorithm and a fuzzy logic control are employed for active controller design. The performance of the proposed HMD system is investigated and compared with those of corresponding TMD and ATMD systems. Experimental verification studies are also conducted to test the performance of the proposed HMD system. Finally, the performance of Canton Tower was tested under both cases of free vibration and Typhoon. Results show that the proposed HMD system is feasible, effective and economical.