Wellcome Annotated DMP Template

2017-09-08T11:38:29Z (GMT) by John A. Lewis Paula Gould Ian Palmer
This is an annotated data management plan (DMP) template for a Wellcome Trust grant application output management plan.

This document (available in .pdf and .docx formats) was created using the DMPonline tool, which provides templates for structuring major research funders' DMPs. The document includes the guidance text provided in the tool, produced by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), the Wellcome Trust and the University of Sheffield Library.

Wellcome Trust expects the researchers they fund to manage research outputs in a way that will achieve the greatest health benefit. This may involve making outputs widely available or using intellectual property (IP) as a tool to help protect and commercialise an original idea, product or technology. Anyone applying for Wellcome funding must consider their approach to managing and sharing anticipated outputs at the research proposal stage. In cases where these outputs are significant – generating data, software or materials that will hold clear value as a resource for others in academia or industry – applicants will need to include an outputs management plan explaining their planned approach. Wellcome will review this plan when making the funding decision and will fund any justified costs for delivering the plan as part of funding the research. Wellcome do not dictate a set format for data management and sharing plans where they are required: applicants can structure their plan in a manner most appropriate to the proposed research.