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CCWi2017: F100 'Pressure: Leak Flow Rates Using FAVAD: An Improved Fast-Track Practitioner’s Approach'

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posted on 2017-09-01, 15:31 authored by Allan Lambert, Marco Fantozzi, Mark Shepherd
The FAVAD concept, for realistic modelling of leakage and intrusion flows through leak openings in pipes in water supply systems, allows for variations in the area of leaks resulting from changes in pressure. The hydraulic theory and equations recently published by van Zyl et al are clearly appropriate for detailed application and understanding of laboratory tests on pipe samples. However, if the concept is to be widely applied to improve the reliability of current methods for assessing hourly, daily and annual leakage in thousands of distribution zones, many having complex pressure management, fast-track approaches for practitioners based on the full FAVAD concept are needed. The paper describes several such fast-track approaches which should improve the reliability of current methods of assessing leakage from night flows in distribution Zones, and expand their application to low pressure and intermittent supply systems with customer storage tanks


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