EACS 2016 paper - Seismic response of high-strength steel moment connections used in special moment frames

EACS 2016 Paper No. 165

This study elucidates experimentally the cyclic behaviour of two moment connection subassemblages using high-strength steel. Due to the high yield ratio of the high-strength steel, the moment connections were designed to characterize widened beam flanges at the column-to-beam interface. The test results indicated that specimens formed a plastic hinge in the beam section away from the column face. Extensive yielding and plastification were observed in the beam section at the intended plastic hinge location. Local buckling of the beam flange and web occurred finally and caused the strength deterioration. Both specimens achieved an interstory drift angle of 5% rad and the plastic rotation of more than 3% rad. Using the high-strength steel, specimens with widened beam flange moment connection can develop satisfactory strength and ductile behaviour.