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Licensing Your Code for Better Impact (OpenFest session recording)

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posted on 2022-10-06, 13:51 authored by Kate O'NeillKate O'Neill, Robert Turner


Session at OpenFest 2022:

Kate O’Neill (University Library) and Robert Turner (Research Software Engineering): Licensing Your Code for Better Impact: Making software openly available is crucial to open research, but how easy is it to do? 

In this talk we'll look at the barriers to openly licensing code, but also what opportunities open software can produce  

This introductory talk was followed by open discussion which was not recorded.

A two-day programme of talks, panel discussions and project showcases, OpenFest provided an opportunity for University of Sheffield researchers and information/software professionals to explore a range of issues around open research, including OA monograph publishing, Open Educational Resources, FAIR data and software, open qualitative research and software licensing.



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