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A Snapshot of the Food Studies Community (Blog post)

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posted on 2020-09-29, 10:02 authored by Christian ReynoldsChristian Reynolds
This file contains an archive copy of the blog post from the "Recipes Project"

This blog post describes the results of a community survey which was run from October to December 2019 by the US-UK Food Digital Scholarship Network .
The survey asked what (and how) food scholars are currently using analogue and digital material. The network was also interested how the community thought US and UK libraries and archives could better support food researchers through digitisation and activities.

Ethical permission for the survey was given by the Geography Department, University of Sheffield, on the 19/9/2019. PROJECT TITLE: Digital humanities and food research mapping APPLICATION: Reference Number 030674


AHRC US-UK Food Digital Scholarship network

Arts and Humanities Research Council

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