MicroCT Dataset of mouse tibiae for DVC precision analyses (repeated scans ex vivo and in vivo)

2017-10-23T15:41:23Z (GMT) by Enrico Dall'Ara
Database of the images (repeated scans of mouse tibiae obtained in vivo and ex vivo) used in:

Precision of DVC approaches for strain analysis in bone imaged with μCT at different dimensional levels.
Enrico Dall'ara, Marta Peña-Fernández, Marco Palanca, Mario Giorgi, Luca Cristofolini, Gianluca Tozzi
Original Research, Front. Mater. - Mechanics of Materials, 2017

The images related to the precision of DVC applied to the mouse tibiae are too large to be uploaded in figshare so please contact the corresponding author at: e.dallara@sheffield.ac.uk or the Project Management Office at: pmo@insigneo.org if interested in working on the files.

The files are stored in the University of Sheffield file-store at the link: