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Comparison of statistical methods for analysing Short-Form 36 (SF-36) in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) using standardised effect size (SES): an empirical analysis

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posted on 2022-10-03, 15:57 authored by Yirui Qian, Richard JacquesRichard Jacques, Laura Flight, Stephen WaltersStephen Walters

Poster presented at ICTMC 2022 conference. 

This study aims to compare different methods for the analysis of the SF-36 domain scores in randomised controlled trials using standardised effect size to unify and compare their estimated values with evidence from empirical analyses. 

The ethics approval for this secondary analysis of data was obtained from the University of Sheffield ScHARR Ethics Committee (Reference 036168).  


NIHR (NF-SI-0617-10012)

China Scholarship Council (grant number 201908890049)



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