Implementing accessibility options for dementia in existing touchscreen apps

2020-03-30T21:14:26Z (GMT) by Phil Joddrell Arlene Astell
Background • Facilitating independent activities would benefit people living with dementia and their caregivers (Almet al. 2009) • Touchscreen tablet computers are accessible for people with dementia (Joddrell& Astell2016), but identification of suitable apps is required to maximise their potential • Original study (Astellet al. 2016) identified problematic design features for people living with dementia within two commercially available gaming apps • Developers of these two apps worked in collaboration with the research team to implement dementia-enabling accessibility features

Project Aims The AcTo Dementia project is investigating the accessibility of touchscreen apps for people living with dementia, with four key aims: • Identify design features that increase accessibility • Develop an evidence-based framework to find apps • Collaborate with developers to improve their apps • Share app recommendations with people living with dementia and caregivers through a public website