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The impact of conditions labels on health state values

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posted on 2020-02-25, 10:21 authored by John Brazier, Donna RowenDonna Rowen, Aki TsuchiyaAki Tsuchiya, Tracey Young, Rachel Ibbotson
Background:  Generic preference-based measures (e.g. EQ-5D) do not have condition labels  Condition specific preference based measures (e.g. AQL-5D) and vignettes often have the condition name embedded in the text (e.g. ‘experienced asthma symptoms as a result of air pollution’) or in the valuation task  No consensus in literature on impact of condition labelling due to previous studies being too small, within subject (and hence ‘focusing’ on condition) or covering a small severity range Objective: This paper examines the impact of referring to the medical condition in the descriptions of the health states valued by members of the general public



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